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All-in-one integrated forecourt solution

Fuel retail sites traditionally have two separate solutions for the forecourt and the convenience store. This results in two different sets of operational and management requirements. Where convenience store software options are sourced locally, forecourt technology is mostly imported, with foreign currency exchange rates making imports relatively expensive.

Add to this a variety of pump types in operation, growth in the number of dealer-owned sites, an increase in the number of operators owning multiple sites, and the technical management complexities become increasingly challenging.

Complete control while reducing operational complexity

Arch Fuel is a complete solution, that integrates the needs of the convenience store, and forecourt, consolidating management control and performance reporting. Locally developed and supported, Arch Fuel is cost-effective and comes with regular software enhancements.

Arch Fuel features and functionality

  • Arch Retail’s convenience store software component is developed on the back of years of retail operational experience
  • NetFCC, the forecourt controller is developed locally, ensuring a cost-effective alternative to imported products
  • Arch Fuel allows forecourt attendant tagging, vehicle tagging and tank gauging
  • Arch Fuel is compatible with a variety of pump types – manufacturers such as MPI, DOMS, Postec, Enabler and Fusion, and can accommodate a mix of these at one site
  • Arch Fuel enables integrated Value Adds critical to a convenience store, such as EFT (electronic funds transfer), virtual (pre-paid) airtime, loyalty rewards, electronic shelf labels, Arch Financial Integration and Cash Handler
  • Arch Enterprise addresses multiple fuel retail site owner requirements, maintaining and centrally managing stores merchandising, and uploading operational data from multiple sites
  • Arch Enterprise business intelligence data empowers owners to make fast informed decisions, stimulating business growth

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